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Driving on today’s crowded roads can be a challenge, even when you are giving it your full attention. But when drivers sit behind the wheel in traffic and try to dial a cell phone, change the CD, or read a text message, driving can become very dangerous to everyone else who’s sharing the road with them. Distracted drivers may swerve in front of you, fail to recognize traffic has suddenly come to a standstill, run red lights, and violate numerous other traffic laws because their attention is not on driving. Unfortunately, it is this kind of distracted and negligent driving that can lead to serious car accidents and cause innocent drivers and passengers to suffer serious injuries.

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At the Law Offices of Russ E. Robbins, P.A., our Boca Raton auto accident lawyers are focused on representing the victims and families of individuals who are injured or suffer a wrongful death in an accident due to distracted drivers. Our firm has nearly 20 years of experience and thousands of cases handled in which injury victims needed the compensation necessary to cover the various accident-related expenses. Our tenacious representation has led to numerous victories on behalf of our clients, resulting in tens of millions of dollars recovered on their behalf. We are dedicated to providing you with the same representation if you have been injured in an accident caused by a negligent and distracted driver.

Speak with our auto accident lawyer in Boca Raton if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by another driver’s inattentiveness, such as:

  • Drivers who are texting while driving
  • Drivers who are disciplining children in the back seat
  • Drivers who are involved in conversations on handheld cell phones
  • Drivers who are focused on changing music on the radio, an iPod, MP3 player, or another electronic device
  • Drivers who are eating or drinking
  • Drivers who are lighting a cigarette
  • Drivers who are putting on makeup

While talking on a cell phone and responding to a text message may seem like trivial acts, they put conversations (that could have been delayed) ahead of safety and this can destroy lives. According to a study conducted by the University of Utah, using a cell phone while driving delays a driver’s reactions just as much as if the driver’s blood alcohol content was .08%. Our Boca Raton auto accident attorney digs deep to identify negligence such as texting while driving. If the other driver was talking on the phone or just sent a text message prior to the accident, phone records will show this information.

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