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Did you know that if you suffer from mesothelioma, a past employer may be held responsible? Even if you have not worked at the dangerous place of employment for years, you may have a valid personal injury claim. Mesothelioma is a rare and serious cancer that often occurs in the lungs. It is caused by asbestos fibers and dust found in glass, fiberglass, tiles, and other common building materials. People who worked in factories and other places where asbestos was used are at risk for developing this serious disease.

Asbestos is commonly found in the following areas:

  • Construction sites
  • Old buildings
  • Out-of-date apartment complexes
  • Industrial premises
  • Insulation

You willingly worked in these dangerous environments. The effects were probably not known when you were employed. Yet, years later, you now face serious illness or even death. You have the legal right to seek compensation!

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Aggressive Representation in Personal Injury Claims

At the Law Offices of Russ E. Robbins, P.A., we aggressively represent people suffering from mesothelioma and other illnesses caused by dangerous working environments. With more than a decade of experience, we have the knowledge, skill and resources to hold responsible parties accountable and recover the full compensation our clients are entitled to.

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We do not just present a case and hope for the best. We dig deep to uncover all the facts concerning your illness. Where did you work and when? Did your employer know you were being exposed to asbestos? Did others suffer a similar fate to yours? Were you warned of any risks? Answering these questions often requires us to work with experts in the field.

You can be sure that we spare no expense in putting together the strongest case possible on your behalf. Our efforts can mean the difference between winning and winning big. We work on contingency, which means we receive payment only if and when we are successful in obtaining compensation for you.

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