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5 Most Common Injuries from an Auto Accident

Posted By Law Offices of Russ E. Robbins, P.A.

In a car accident, injuries can be caused by a number of different factors. The sheer force of the impact can cause soft tissue injuries like whiplash or back strains, while physical damage to the car can cause broken bones or dislocated joints.

Some of the most common personal injuries caused by an auto accident include:

  • Neck injuries. These are very common in car accidents, and can vary widely in severity. Perhaps the most frequent type of neck injury is whiplash, which can cause neck pain, neck stiffness and even headaches. Serious whiplash can result in chronic neck pain or even disc herniation.
  • Back injuries. These can be particularly devastating in an accident, especially for people with preexisting conditions. Back stiffness or pain is common after even minor collisions, but more serious impacts can cause serious spinal damage such as a herniated disc or even loss of mobility. Serious car accidents can lead to chronic back pain even among individuals with no history of back pain.
  • Broken bones. Such injuries can result from a serious impact. Bones in the chest, arms and legs are usually the most vulnerable, but in major crashes the hip, spine or even skull can be damaged. Compound fractures, in which the bone breaks and pierces the skin, are considered particularly dangerous and will require urgent medical treatment.
  • Head, face and brain injuries. These can often be extremely traumatic and have long-lasting consequences. A broken nose from a deployed (or not deployed) airbag is very common, and any sudden movement in a car crash can cause a concussion. If you experience any head impact in a car accident, you should seek medical attention due to the potential for a concussion or traumatic brain damage.
  • Chest injuries. These can also range from minor to life-threatening. One of the most common injuries suffered in a car crash is a bruised chest, caused by the seat belt or impact with the steering wheel. In more severe cases, broken ribs or internal bleeding can result, which will require immediate medical attention.

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