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Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer in Boca Raton, FL

Personal Injury Lawyer with Extensive Expertise in Rideshare Accident Cases throughout South Florida

Rideshare services are extremely popular in Florida. Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft are a convenient way for residents and tourists to get around town.  As these companies continue to expand their services throughout the state, the number of accidents will continue to increase across our great state of Florida.

Common Causes of Uber or Lyft Accidents

Just like any car, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian accident, Rideshare accidents often occur due to any number of factors such as distracted driving, aggressive driving, driver fatigue, or any other type of negligence. If you or a loved one were injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, you need an experienced Rideshare accident attorney to investigate your case details and provide you with sound legal advice.

At the Law Offices of Russ E. Robbins, our lead personal injury attorney, Russ Robbins, has extensive experience specifically with Rideshare accidents.  We aggressively investigate each Uber or Lyft accident and often uncover overlooked clues or additional evidence in your accident resulting in our firm getting you the maximum compensation you need and deserve.

How Uber & Lyft Accidents Are Different

Rideshare accidents may seem similar to other types of car accidents on the surface, but they involve some unique factors. One of those factors is what stage of the ride the driver is in when the accident happens. Another factor is the number of parties usually involved in the crash itself. Both have a tremendous impact on your claim, so it’s important to understand how they affect it.

Different Insurance Coverage Rules

Both Lyft and Uber offer different insurance coverage depending on the status of the driver. There are three stages that a driver may be in: driving with the app off, driving while waiting for a ride request, or driving to pick up/drop off passengers. Whenever a Lyft or Uber driver gets into an accident with the app disabled or off, their personal insurance policy applies. This means that the rideshare company won’t cover the accident. 

However, once the driver turns their app on and is waiting for a ride request, the rideshare company’s insurance kicks in. Keep in mind that this insurance applies only if the driver’s personal policy is less than the rideshare company’s policy. 

Usually Involves Three Parties

While few accidents involve more than two parties, it’s much more common in rideshare accidents. Even Uber found that over half of all accident fatalities were third parties not using the app to drive or request a ride. If you are a passenger, this means that you’ll be vying for compensation through the rideshare’s policy at the same time as another victim. However, if you were driving another vehicle that collided with a rideshare vehicle, there is a chance that you may have to file a claim with the driver’s personal insurance provider. This significantly complicates the claims process without the assistance of a Lyft accident lawyer.

What If I’m Hit By a Rideshare Driver While Riding a Bike or Walking?

If the driver has their app on when they hit you, you may make a claim with the rideshare company’s insurance. Proving that the driver had their app on may be difficult, so we encourage you to seek the help of an Uber and Lyft accident attorney. 

How Our Law Firm Can Help You!

Are you out of work due to a Rideshare accident or personal injury suffered in an Uber or Lyft vehicle?  Do you have medical bills piling up from your Uber accident?  Whether you have missed wages or missed work due to seeking medical treatment, we can help you.  We will aggressively fight for your rights, while you focus on healing.

Don’t attempt to settle these types of Rideshare accidents yourself. Their insurance companies have extensive experience negotiating these cases down. Their only interest is settling your claim for the very least amount of compensation possible.  Don’t talk to the insurance company until you’ve talked with an experienced South Florida personal injury lawyer.


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