Now that it’s winter, ski resorts will once again become popular vacation destinations for people looking to ski, snowboard, and do other winter sports activities. Before you begin having fun on the slopes, however, it is important that you make sure you’re fully prepared and protected against injury.

The truth is that skiing can be extremely dangerous, especially for beginners. Some of the most common injuries suffered by skiers include broken bones, sprains, dislocations, spinal cord damage, and concussions. In the worst cases, a skiing accident can even prove fatal.

You do not want to suffer a serious injury while skiing this winter, so consider the following tips for avoiding an accident on the slopes:

 Work Out

Skiers expend a great deal of energy. If you are not properly conditioned prior to hitting the slopes, you could be at greater risk of injury. So make sure you have sufficient leg strength and aerobic conditioning by going to the gym and hitting the treadmill before you go skiing this winter.

Wear Protective Gear

If you ski, you are going to fall down. So be prepared for the inevitable falls and wear gear to protect your body against serious injury. This should include wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads to protect against sprains, ligament damage, and other injuries. Perhaps most importantly, your protective gear for skiing should include a helmet so that you minimize the risk of suffering a concussion or other serious head trauma in a collision on the slopes.

Wear the Right Clothing

In addition to wearing equipment that guards you against injury, you also need to wear appropriate winter clothing that shields your body against the elements. Frostbite and hypothermia are particular risks during the winter, so wear plenty of layers. However, you also need to make sure that your clothing is not cumbersome and is moisture resistant so that you can still maintain needed mobility while skiing.

Know How to Fall

Since you already know that you’re going to fall while skiing, you should also know how to properly fall in order to avoid catastrophic injury. If you find yourself on the verge of falling down as you ski this winter, make sure that you relax your body and aim your feet downhill. Also, do no use your hand or your arm to break the fall, as that could exacerbate your injuries.

Go Slowly

You need to have a good understanding of your limits when skiing. If you are a first-time skier, or are otherwise inexperienced on the slopes, take your time while going downhill. If you travel too quickly while skiing, you could easily lose control and increase the risk of a serious skiing accident.

Follow the Rules

The ski resort’s rules are in place for a reason. So pay attention to any signs that warn of dangers ahead or that inform you to stay off certain courses or trails.


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