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Blue Bell Ice Cream Products Recalled over Listeria Concerns

The potential risk of listeria contamination in ice cream products has prompted a major US distributor to issue a product recall.

In recent weeks, concerns have been raised about the possibility of listeria contamination in food products sold at grocery stores and other retailers throughout the United States. Blue Bell Ice Cream issued a voluntary recall of certain ice cream items after learning that one of the ingredients, chocolate chip cookie dough, may contain listeria.

The Kellogg Company later announced its own recall of Eggo Waffles due to fear that the products exposed consumers to listeria bacteria.

At this time, both product recalls are voluntary, with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) merely providing assistance with the recalls of limited quantities of food items. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that the recalls could eventually expand to include other products.

In the case of Blue Bell Ice Cream, the chocolate chip cookie dough contained in the company’s ice cream was provided by Aspen Hills Inc., a third-party supplier. It is unclear what prompted Blue Bell officials and Aspen Hills officials to become concerned about listeria contamination in the cookie dough.

The Blue Bell recall, which is currently limited to ice cream products sold in just 10 states, could eventually expand to include more states across the country.

The Blue Bell Ice Cream company posted a statement on Facebook announcing the product recall and stating that the dangerous food items are being recalled because the company wants to ensure that consumers are safe and free from illness. To date, there have not been any reported illnesses caused by consumption of the recalled ice cream items.

However, it is worth noting that Blue Bell had to recall ice cream products in 2015 due to a confirmed listeria outbreak that was traced back to the company’s production facilities.

For further information about this product recall, see the article, “Blue Bell Voluntarily Recalls Select Ice Cream Products over Listeria Concerns.”

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