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5 Steps to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

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Posted By the Law Offices of Russ E. Robbins, P.A. |

Whether you are a bike rider or car driver, you likely never want to find yourself asking what to do after a serious motorcycle accident. These types of accidents can lead to devastating injuries, thousands of dollars in medical bills and other expenses, and insurance company headaches. That is why our Boca Raton auto accident lawyer has provided helpful insight on how to avoid these dangerous collisions on the road.

Check out the tips below or give Attorney Russ E. Robbins a call today if you have more questions.

1. Always Stay Alert When Driving/Riding

This may seem straightforward, but a majority of drivers will admit to getting behind the wheel or on a bike while sleepy/drowsy. That means regardless of whether you are driving tired or not, another individual on the road may be. Stay aware of your surroundings, look out for signs that a driver/rider may be sleepy, and always make sure to drive cautiously.

2. Remain Visible to Driver/Riders

As a motorcycle rider, you should make sure that you avoid hanging back in the blind spots of vehicles around you. Try to make yourself as visible as possible, wearing appropriate clothing and gear and keeping your lights clean as possible for nighttime riding. Even during broad daylight, it may be difficult for a vehicle to notice you if you stay too close to their blind spots and speed up on them. Vehicle drivers, make sure you always double check your blind spots, give motorcycles adequate following distance, and signal ahead of time before making any turns or lane changes.

3. Pay Attention to Changing Road Conditions

Whether rain, snow, sleet, or clear skies, the weather can change in a flash. This means you will need to make sure you adjust your driving or riding behavior appropriately. Stay overly cautious in the rain and sleet, making sure to give motorcycles/vehicles extra following distance and ample signal time. Even when the weather isn’t an issue, construction, road debris, and other accidents can quickly change the condition of the road. This can be dangerous for both vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders, so always focus on staying aware of what is happening ahead on the road.

4. Maintain Your Bike/Vehicle

In many cases, an accident can be caused by a small part not working properly. If you don’t maintain your vehicle or bike, it could easily lead to a serious collision. This is especially important for motorcycle riders, as even the most minor issue could lead to them losing control or struggling to avoid a collision with a vehicle. Proper maintenance and upkeep can go a very long way in helping you avoid a serious motorcycle accident.

5. Avoid Any Distractions

While most people like to think of themselves as certified multi-taskers, the reality is that it is extremely difficult to focus on two tasks at one time. This is especially true when one of those tasks is operating some type of motor vehicle. Put your phone or tablet away, eat before you get in the vehicle, and leave the grooming for at home. Motorcycle riders should make sure they are comfortable and have everything adjusted properly before getting on the road, as small distractions can be much harder to fix while riding. Even the temptation of daydreaming can lead to a serious accident, so keep your eyes on the road and your mind actively thinking about the task at hand.

At the end of the day, accidents are going to be somewhat unpreventable, even if you take all the necessary steps to avoid them. If you do find yourself trying to resolve a motorcycle accident claim, be sure to call our firm today!

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