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Staying Safe on the Road at Night

A serious car accident can occur at any time of day. However, driving at night may pose the greatest risk to motorists and passengers because it can be difficult for drivers to see clearly when it gets dark outside. Moreover, nighttime driving also presents unique safety risks for motorists, such as glare from headlights, congestion during rush hour traffic, and intoxicated drivers returning home from a night on the town. The reality is that deadly car accidents are more likely to occur after the sun has set, which is why it is imperative that you take precautions while traveling at night.

If you are about to hit the road after hours, you should consider doing all of the following in order to keep yourself, and others, safe and free from injury:

·      Turn on Your Headlights: If your motor vehicle requires you to manually turn on your headlights at night, you need to make sure to do this immediately after starting your engine. Other motorists won’t be able to see you unless your headlights have been turned on. Beyond that, your headlights will enable you to see well ahead of your vehicle on the roadway so that you can avoid crashing into other vehicles and pedestrians.

·      Clean Your Car: Since you will be using your headlights, you should take a little extra time to clean them before traveling at night. Headlights can get streaked with dirt and snow, especially during the winter. This is also true for your mirrors, your windshield, and your turn lights, which can wind up with streaks on them and make it extremely difficult for you to see clearly while traveling at night. Making matters worse is the fact that streaks on your mirrors and windshield can cause extreme glare from oncoming headlights.

·      Don’t Stare at Other Vehicles’ Headlights: It can be tempting to look directly at oncoming headlights, but this is very dangerous because it may cause you to suddenly avert your eyes, and your attention, away from the roadway.

·      Don’t Be in Such a Rush: Many nighttime driving accidents are caused by motorists who are in a rush to get home from work. Although it can be tempting to speed up at the end of a long day of work, remember that other motorists may also be doing the same thing. This can lead to violent collisions on the roadway, particularly when the drivers are fatigued and less capable of reacting quickly and avoiding danger in front of them on the road. So take your time and drive a little slower at night and remain a safe distance behind other vehicles, especially if it is dark outside and you can’t see very far ahead of you.

·      Stay Alert: Distracted driving accidents are more likely to occur at night when other motorists are fatigued. So make sure that you are alert and aware of your surroundings at all times while traveling at night.

·      Get Your Vision Checked: Optometrists suggest getting an eye exam at least once every two years. So don’t take it for granted that your vision hasn’t changed over time. Getting an eye exam now could ultimately save your life later on, especially if you do a lot of driving at night.


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