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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Most Common Car Accidents

Posted By Law Offices of Russ E. Robbins


On average, there are more than 10 million car accidents each year in the United States. While some of these accidents are simply unavoidable due to weather conditions, tire blowouts, or other issues, many common accidents could be prevented through some basic practices.

1. Don’t Drink & Drive

This one seems fairly obvious, yet millions of Americans are arrested for driving under the influence each year. By simply avoiding drunk and buzzed driving, you will dramatically reduce your chances of getting in a car accident.

2. Don’t Text While Driving

Another hot topic in the world of traffic safety is texting while driving. Nearly every state now has laws in place to prevent texting and driving, as some studies have shown that it makes your reaction time even worse than driving drunk.

3. Don’t Speed

Driving at a higher speed than the surrounding traffic is a sure-fire way to increase your chances of getting into an accident. Speeding reduces your reaction time and often causes you to weave through traffic dangerously. Furthermore, road conditions like potholes or black ice can create much bigger problems at 50 miles per hour than at 30.

4. Scan the Area Ahead

While it’s vital to pay attention to the car directly in front of you, it’s also very important to be mindful of the cars further ahead and in other lanes. This habit will give you more time to react to dangerous situations. For example, if you are paying attention to the road ahead, you can see someone hit their brakes long before the car in front of you starts to slow down.

5. Check Your Blind Spots

One of the first safety habits you learn in driver’s education is to check your blind spots. If there is a car in your blind spot, and you fail to check before merging lanes, it can very easily cause a car accident.

6. Keep Both Hands on the Wheel

As we become more and more comfortable behind the wheel of a car, our driving habits can tend to become lazier. As a result, many people in automatic cars frequently drive with one hand. Driving with both hands, especially in the recommended 10 and 2 o’clock position, gives you much greater control.

7. Avoid the Fast Lane

This tip actually refers to driving in any lane with only one way out. When you drive in the leftmost or “fast” lane, you limit your options if something dangerous is ahead. Driving in the center lanes, especially on the freeway, gives you numerous options in an emergency.

8. Watch Out for Damaged Cars

While it isn’t a surefire indicator, people driving around in damaged or poorly maintained cars tend to be more dangerous drivers. In particular, poorly maintained cars can be extremely dangerous even in the hands of the best drivers. As a precautionary measure, it’s best to give damaged cars a wide berth.

9. Maintain Your Car

Properly maintaining your car is so important to accident prevention, that it is legally required. Ensuring that your brakes, tires, and steering are in good condition will dramatically reduce your risk of an accident.

10. Understand Your Car

The more you drive your car, the more you begin to understand its subtleties and the way it responds. For example, the steering, braking, and acceleration in a luxury sedan reacts completely differently than that of a convertible roadster. By understanding your car and having a great feel for its responses, you can better react to dangerous situations and do a better job of avoiding them in the first place.

Some Accidents Are Unavoidable. Call For Your Free Consultation Today!

Unfortunately even the best habits behind the wheel are not enough to prevent all car accidents, particularly if the other driver does not follow them. If you’ve been injured in a car accident due to the negligent or reckless driving of another, you owe it to yourself to pursue fair compensation. At the Law Offices of Russ E. Robbins, P.A., our Boca Raton car accident lawyer has represented injured victims for nearly 20 years. With thousands of clients helped, and tens of millions of dollars successfully recovered, Russ Robbins is the attorney you want by your side.

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