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Automotive product liability cases involve car accidents and injuries caused by defects in a car’s design or the failure of a part to work correctly or safely. In many cases, the cause of the accident was due to a negligent driver, but because of the design or component failure, the victim was subjected to injuries that were far more severe or fatal then if the vehicle had been safe. If you believe you have a case involving auto product liability, our personal injury attorney has the experience to provide the aggressive litigation you need.

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Types of Auto Product Liability Cases

If you believe you have been in an accident involving auto product liability, it is important to ensure that your vehicle and parts are not dismantled, sold, or interfered with until you have had an investigation completed and evidence collected.

Automotive product liability cases typically take on one or more of three forms:

  • Design defect cases – involves a claim that the way a product or part was designed creates risk of harm that far outweigh the benefits of the design.
  • Manufacturing defect cases – involves a claim that during the manufacturing process, some act or omission caused the product or part to fail when used.
  • Warning defect cases – involves a claim that the product is dangerous because it does not contain appropriate warnings or instructions that prevent harm.

Also, contact our Boca Raton auto accident lawyer before any of your claims related to the accident are settled. Doing so can impact your ability to preserve evidence or pursue further claims.

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