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Swimming pools look fun and safe, but the reality is they can be zones for serious accidents and wrongful death. Property owners need to be held responsible for their negligence. If you are suffering from a fall or other pool accident, or lost a loved one in a drowning accident, get legal representation now from an aggressive and experienced Boca Raton swimming pool accident attorney.

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Drowning Accident Lawyer Fighting Back Against Insurance Companies

You have heard the phrase “no running by the pool” countless times. But that does not excuse the fact slippery and hard surfaces can result in serious injuries if you or your child falls by a pool. Insurance companies will try to claim the accident is your fault. Do not believe them! Even if you were not walking carefully, you still have the right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Other excuses insurance companies use include:

Your skin is just sensitive. The high level of chlorine had nothing to do with your serious rash.
You should have known not to dive in only five feet of water.
It is not the property owner’s fault that the life preserver was missing.
You should have been watching your child.

Our firm has more than a decade of experience challenging insurance company claims and fighting back against the insurer’s excuses. We understand the effects a serious injury or death has on your life. We will not settle for less than the full financial damages you are entitled to.


We represent ALL of our clients on a contingency fee basis – there is no fee unless there is a recovery. The Rules of Professional Conduct require us to state that you might be responsible for costs or expenses; however, OUR CONTRACT specifically provides that you will NOT owe anything for costs, expenses or fees unless there is a recovery.
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